Our Fireball e-liquid flavor is ultra spicy with an excellent dose of hot cinnamon. Compare it to spicy cinnamon candies and gum. If you are looking for a more traditional cinnamon flavor check out our gourmet cinnamon flavor.

Fireball E-liquid Flavor
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This is ABSOLUTELY the BEST favor I have ever tried. First try and I was HOOKED!! FIREBALL ROCKS!!!!!

You guys Rocked this !!


One vape is all it took and i was hooked !!.....Took me back to when I was a kid in the candy store....Can't wait to try the artic ice and pure menthol !......keep up the great work !.

fireball liquid

Question: How does the fireball e-juice destroy the plastic tanks? It comes in a plastic bottle. What's the ingredients in that vape juice that causes this to happen. I know when i make my own. I use a mix of 30/70 pg/vg plus flavor. And none of the flavors i make have ever destroyed a tank. so what is the content in the flavor that causes this ?


Fireball liquid contains cinnamaldehyde, the essential oil which gives cinnamon its unique taste. This oil attacks certain plastics, although it does not react with our plastic bottles, which are made of LDPE. Nevertheless, it will crack most of the hard, clear plastics that tanks are made from, including polycarbonate.

Our M7 Pro Tanks are made of steel and pyrex glass, which will not react with the Fireball liquid. It's a great solution for the Fireball fans out there.

Here's some more info on cinnamaldehyde for those who're interested:

Very good


I got this free (thanks!) with an order of 20 blanks, which are also very good! You can definitely taste it, good vapor and a spicy, cinnamon, after taste.



One of the best flavors I've had. Only issue I have with it is that it eats through any plastic tanks. If it didn't destrtoy all of my tanks I'd have given it a 5 star.


I have an M5 Power that came with a sample of Fireball. Is this going to eat through the tank?

Good question. Fireball is

Good question. Fireball is known to crack through some plastic tanks so you may want to try putting it in a cartridge or a glass tank like the M7 Pro Tank.